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Baltimore Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer In Baltimore, Baltimore Personal Trainer is here to help you. Baltimore Maryland personal trainer, personal training in Baltimore Maryland.
Personal Trainer In Baltimore. Baltimore Personal Trainer is here to help you. Baltimore Maryland personal trainer, personal training in Baltimore Maryland.
Our Mission Statement

TKO Personal Training is committed passionately in delivering quality fitness training and excellent service. To improve the Health and Wellness, as well as the fitness level of all our clients.

Implementing the highest standard of motivation and support in building long term relationships with all our clients. Our goal is to exemplify our presence in the community at large as an added service through contributing growth and economic aid.

About Us

TKO Personal Training offers several personal training services that will meet the individual needs featuring One on One, Group and Specialty programs.

Our professional qualifications meet all of the current
certifications with reputable organizations which in turn alow us to provide all prospective clients with the most up to date education and nutritional information that is essential for a safe and effective program.

TKO Personal Training programs involve continuous one on one training designed to help you reach your fitness goals quickly, efficiently, and safely. Helping you to reach your goals of decrease body fat, increase
energy, improved eating habits, build muscle strength and manage injury.


TKO Personal Training believes that working with a personal trainer is the most effective way to reach your goals. With tailored designed workout programs with you in mind based on collected data on your workout experience schedule and goals. Our programs are tailored around appointments only.

TKO Personal Training

TKO Personal Training is a traditional health club with a unique approach to fitness training. The passion, dedication, energy, and skill of this  approach to fitness training are what make it unique. Giving that we work
with numerous muscle groups it brings to bear how to truly approach the right techniques and mastering the correct forms of movements that will yield the fastest results that every client so much desirer. Every client
brings there own personal challenges when it comes to how they are to be trained and it is through those challenges that we are able to make the right kind of assessments so as to create that unique work-out programs.

TKO Personal Training has taken the fitness industry standards and designed them around the client personal; need. The clients range of motivations and drives will evolve around anaerobic and aerobics, strength training, flexibility, toning, sculpturing, balance and coordination, as well as endurance and stamina. Once the work-out program has been established then a nutritional profile is developed so as to support the  goals of the client. In making sure that the client covers all the bases in his/her work-out program an assessment in made weather diuretics and other supplementation should be included.

Client fitness work-out programs are broken down into 30-60 minute sessions which could be two or three days out of the week. In some special circumstances five days out of the week would not be out of the question. The session fees range between $25 to $50 per session, which can be paid on a monthly basis, or fully paid up for the number of sessions needed.

All assessments of the clients physical abilities are measured through there weigh-in, body mass index (BMI), body metabolic rate index (BMRI) and there health history which all help in determining the structure and engagement of exercises.

Are You?

  • In the need of strengthening your muscles and organs?
  • In the need of endurance and vitality?
  • In the need of slowing down premature aging?
  • In the need of building or re-building your self-esteem?
  • In the need of focusing, concentrating, feeling and looking better?

If you answered yes to one or more of these needs then checkout TKO Personal Training where you will find the professional knowledge and certified training that can help you reach your personal goals!

Can’t seem to keep those unwanted pounds away?
Just can’t find the motivation to keep up with your fitness goals?

At TKO Personal Training there is a passion and pride that provides that motivation to all of our clients weather it be through our weight loss, cardio and strength training, or through our nutritional programs you will receive that personal and specialized service which will allow you to reach your goals.

  • You say that you are ready to make that appointment!
  • You say that you are ready to get started!

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Weight Loss - Toning - Strength training - Flexibility - Balance - Energy Endurance - Stamina - Sculpturing - Self-Esteem - Premature Aging
... and Clarity

Don’t put it off any longer pick up the phone and call me for your free consultation and let’s make this happen.

As for those love ones who have been putting off those needed workouts we have gift certificates available to help them move toward there personal goals. Pick up the phone and say let’s make this happen.


Everyone can benefit from personal training. Our individualized
personal training programs are structured and tailored for your
success. No matter what your fitness level is, we can assist you in
reaching your goals.

All sessions are geared toward 60 minutes and at some request
30 minutes sessions that will yield a full body workout.
Choose the plan that fit your desired goal.
Consultation shall be conducted by appointment only and cover
a 30 minute session at a nominal cost only to be waived upon
acceptance of service.

# Sessions Cost Per Session (based on 1hr) Total

One hour $65.00 $65.00

10 Sessions @ $50.0010 = $500.00
20 Sessions @ $47.5020 = $950.00
30 Sessions @ $45.0030 = $1350.00

Requested 30 Minutes Sessions

One 1/2 hr $34.50 $34.50

10 Sessions @ $25.00 10 = $250.00
20 Sessions @ $23.50 20 = $470.00
30 Sessions @ $22.50 30 = $675.00


Morning Hours
Monday thru Friday 5:30am-12pm

Evening Hours
Monday thru Friday 3:30pm-8pm

Saturday Morning
6:30am - noon


Your body is willing to give you
the best it has to offer...
What are you willing to give back?

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Eating right and daily exercise is the best way to lose weight. Use the healthy eating pyramid to get you on the right track!

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